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Client Case Study:

The Windows of Hope

Website design & eCommerce for a company that supports children in Africa

The Windows of Hope eCommerce website is a mix of online store & capturing the cause of supporting children in Africa by purchasing handmade jewellery and accessories.


Website design, development and SEO

Unique Features:

– Online Store


To design and develop a website that pushes their purpose of being a company that strives to support children in Africa while being a functional and simple eCommerce website.


A memorable website with a unique message to web visitors, unique imagery to help convey the message to the audience and a simple online store that is easy to navigate and purchase.

The Windows of Hope Journey

The Windows of Hope is a crafter of unique handmade jewellery and accessories you wont find anywhere else. They also have a mission ot help support the children of Africa.
Every purchase a web visitor makes, the company provides a portion of every sale which goes to helping people who live in difficult realities who need more resources to develop in life.

Purchasing a product means we can help children in Africa have a better life through better education and quality of life.

An online store for a good cause

The aim of the website is to target women interested in purchasing unique handcrafted jewellery and accessories.

The second purpose of the website is to convey the message of ‘if you purchase you’re helping a good cause at the same time’.

windows of hope website design

How we created an online store with a cause for good

From the beginning of the project, it was clear the messaging had to clearly convey their purpose, while also showcasing their collection of unique products and a simple and easy navigatable website for purchasing.

To convey their cause to the web visitors of helping children in Africa, we combined the use of photography with simple and short messaging as soon as the website loads. By presenting this information early in the website visitor’s journey, we have quickly conveyed the purpose and their mission, the secondary goal then involves showcasing their products and variety of products being the jewellery and accessories.


I definitely recommend Build Digital Growth, i’ve been working in my project for more then a year, one day I gave up and decided to talk to a professional, today here I am to review the amazing job that Daniel has done on my website. He is dedicated and patient, easy to comunicate with, and the most important thing is his loyalty who made me want to move forward. Thank you very much. Keep up the good work!
Stay Safe Daniel 😉

testimonial for windows of hope

Maeva Lopez

Owner, The Windows of Hope

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