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Rowena Smart is a health and fitness coach providing coaching programs, subscriptions, online products and eBooks to women all across Australia and overseas.

Telling the brand story

Rowena Smart or (#TEAMSMART) helps women get into shape and discover healthy ways of eating, managing their macros while still being able to enjoy their little secrets, providing different levels of serious coaching (by serious we mean she will push you to your absolute limits and doesnt take no for an answer). Rowena backs her brand by being a competitor in the industry aswell, competing at the highest level and even training women to get their aswell.

Creative approach

The branding for Rowena Smart involves a lot of bright pastel colours, add into that some modeling imagery and you have a very striking website design aimed at women looking for fitness coaching and healthy eating. When designing the website, our strategy was to put maximum emphasis on easy ways to signup for coaching or areas where you can find out more about what that program may involve.

The ability to have each coaching page tell it’s own story, allows Rowena to connect with women depending on where they are in their fitness journey, if theyre beginners then the Smart Start Program would be perfect for them to see if Rowena is a good fit for them.

Development approach

Overall the website development for the Rowena Smart website was quite a breeze, the biggest consumer of strategy and time apart from the user experience was the members area which involved a few meetings of strategising, approvals and testing. The development also involved a lot of unique bright functionalities such as buttons, hover effects and cropped images to give the web visitor a wow factor.

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