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Tasco Petroleum Website Redesign

Tasco Petroleum Web Design Mildura



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Tasco Petroleum were seeking a creative agency to help redesign and help bring their brand into the modern age.

Tasco Mildura Web Design

Telling the brand story

Tasco Petroleum have been supplying quality fuels and lubricants for over 60 years throughout regional Australia. Upon receiving the brief to redesign the Tasco website, it was clear from the beginning there was a lot of history which came with. We needed to tell that history in a new and fresh website that was easy for visitors to navigate and display Tasco Petroleum as a quality fuel and lubricant provider.

Website Design for Tasco Petroleum located in Mildura
Tasco Petroleum Website Design

Creative approach

The Tasco Petroleum branding is actually a very modern and bright style, considering with the age of the company they have kept their branding up-to-date and turning that brand into a beautiful looking website made it so much easier.

The website needed to be quite compact and easy to navigate through, as it was a requirement to keep everything short and sweet.

Although the branding utilises a lot of blue, we decided to not over dilute the website with too much as it would become a mess. to remedy this the blue was only used on certain areas such as buttons. The same can be said for text and button links, the red was used in scarcity as it was quite a bright red.

Mobile Responsive Website Design for Tasco Petroleum

Development approach

The website was quite a straightforward build as the Tasco Petroleum team were amazing at partnering with the process to provide website photography and imagery, which is a common roadblock in website projects.

The most challenging aspect or time consuming was the creation and implementation of the station locator which involved a significant amount of hours inputting data. However the end result was a very easy to navigate Google Map where you can search for your nearest depot or petrol station.

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