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Princes Court Website Refresh

Princes Court Website Design & Development Mildura


Build Digital Growth was approached to redevelop the Princes Court website to showcase the new rebranding. In collaboration with Kylie Norton who did all design work including logo, website design and other media aswell as Lauren Roden who wrote the website copy we were able to achieve a website refresh that stuns new web visitors.


  • Website Redevelopment
  • Advanced Mobile Responsiveness

Problems Faced

The website no longer matched the new branding that had been designed, in-turn Build Digital Growth was approached to update the website design to match their newly designed brand by Kylie Norton

Perceived & Delivered

  • Since the website needed a redesign, a lot of the existing elements on the website had to be changed.
  • A lot of content was added in to the website to make it more SEO friendly.
  • Mobile Responsiveness had to be done again as the new redesign was only for desktop.

Important Links

Princes Court Website Mobile Design Mildura