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LightShield Eyes Website Design

lightshield eyes website design




Online Store

Teaming up with the Light Shield Eyes team to create a bright, welcoming and simply buying experience for web visitors.

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Telling the brand story

Light Shield Eyes is a blue light screen protector for your iPhone and iPads, the goal of the website is to show the health benefits and resilience of the screen protector, while allowing people to purchase. The message is simple, protect yours and your families eyes from harmful light that damages your eyes.

Mobile Responsive Web Design for Light Shield Eyes
eCommerce Web Design for Light Shield Eyes

Creative approach

With the design of the website, it needed to be a very bright and hight tech feeling website, while also being accompanied by family friendly imagery and a fun and vibrant environment.

The bright blue colours give the website calls-to-action such as buttons and title text vibrance and importance, attracting the users attention to that particular area.

Overall the website design is simply designed and easy to use on all mobile devices.

Light Shield Eyes eCommerce Website Design

Development approach

The Light Shield Eyes website is an simple website built for ease of use, with bright blue colours and easy to read text, never complicating anything. The website uses hover functionality to help guide the user on elements of the website and backgrounds that change colour.

We created an online store with two categories for launch, iPhones and iPads which come in a variety of different sizes of iPhones and iPads.

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