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Case Study: Taking a restaurant from 0 to $30k+ in monthly online orders

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Just before Covid-19 had started, we were approached to deliver our signature make package to client ‘x’. We were fortunate to begin the process of setting up the online ordering system, integrating it with the website, and begin posting across social media to promote the business and their new online ordering. One year later and client ‘x’ is earning upwards of $30k+ in recurring revenue each and every month. Propelled by good web design, social media and seo rankings, not only is the client is in a very good position, but if a lockdown is to ever strike again, they’re ready.

Web Design

What We Did

  • Strategy and user research
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Web Design & Development
  • Online Ordering Setup & Optimisation
  • Analytics and optimisation


  • 2s website loading time (making it quick and easy to reserve a table or order online)
  • 70% of all online order come from organic Google searches
  • Increase in bookings via online forms
  • Decrease in takeaway calls, resulting in more online ordering via the website
  • Social media following has increased by thousands

3 Big Takeaways

  1. Focusing on the most important customer needs
  2. A new website to increase sales & bookings
  3. Keeping social media entertaining to grow the audience base

1. Focusing on the most important customer needs

Consistency Across Platforms

Our message across the website, social media and any graphic work we did had to be consistent to ensure no matter where the audience came from, the message remained the same. We also had to ensure everything we do comes back to good photography and warm and welcoming wording. Our client’s passion is to deliver great food and a warm and welcoming dining experience, to keep their vision consistent, everything we do comes back to this.

Online Ordering

Our focus for online ordering was to ensure not only was it very quick and easy to find where to order online, but the actual online ordering had to be engaging and very simple and easy to use. By analysing Google analytics we found that the drop-off rate for customers looking to order online was lowered if they reached the online ordering page within one click. Furthermore, we noticed our findings that the user drop-off was quite high once the customers had added all of their food to the cart, to remedy this, we looked at the average customer spend and could correlate this back to the drop-off of customers. Customers shopping by price were dropping off, so to ensure we would sucessfully move these customers through to a sale, we came up with some affordable family meals (packages) which they would find more affordable and still be profitable for the restaurant. This change as a result of analysing the Google Analytics resulted in a drop-off rate of 70%, down to 30% which is thousands of extra revenue in won online orders each and every week.

Table Reservations

Our client ‘x’ was at the time not interested in new software to book reservations, this came down to:

  1. Being too big of a change, when we were only just setting up online ordering which for them which was a big deal for the client
  2. Learning new software and moving away from reservations within the book
  3. Extra training for staff members

To avoid stressing out the restaurant client and creating more work for them, we did not change the way they operate within the restaurant in taking bookings. However, we did create a clear button on the website, much like the online ordering button, making it clear and ever present. By optimising the bookings page, we created a new way for web visitors to make a reservation and the client simply received emails for booking requests, and followed up with a call.

2. A new website to increase sales & bookings

After a year of working within an old and hard-to-use website which was very difficult for our development team to keep up-to-date and ever-changing, we recommended to our restaurant client to build a new website with the goal of:

  1. Being easier to update for our development team
  2. SEO friendly (rank higher in Google)
  3. Clearer calls-to-action (buttons that are easy to get straight to what they want)
  4. More mobile-friendly (a large % of all online orders and bookings now come from users on their mobile phones)

After implementing the above, and more, the client’s analytics did a spike, and then slowly grew over time for both web visitors and online order sales.

3. Keeping social media entertaining to grow the audience base

Social media is the new television, we’re always on it and it’s not going to change any time soon. Our strategy for client ‘x’ was very simple, showcase their amazing food with professional photography and remember to use wording that was welcoming, humble and had a bit of fun to it. Over time client ‘x’s audience grew from a couple thousand to a few thousand, thanks to a range of promotional content, enticing imagery and smart campaign strategy.

The results

After working with client ‘x’ for a little over a year, we grew their non-existant online ordering monthly revenue from $0 to $30k+ revenue each and every month, and it continues to grow.

Not only has their online sales sky-rocketed, but their reservations have too, by making it easier to place a booking we have reduced the chances of the web visitor going elsewhere.

Their SEO has also slowly grown and continues to reach the top of Google search results.

Overall we have sucesfully put client ‘x’ on the digital map, and they are thriving no matter what new challenges may come their way.

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