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Digital Leaders in Mildura

We are Build Digital Growth

We help all types of Mildura companies, big and small, discover what makes them unique and channel it into a memorable experience that outsells and outshines their competition online.

We are the top-ranked firm in the town for providing best in class SEO, SEM, Website Redesigns, & Inbound marketing services.

About Build Digital Growth Mildura

We're a new startup digital agency founded in 2017.

In 2017 Build Digital Growth was founded, the demand for websites and online digital services is ever growing and we aim to deliver quality services to each and every single client, from Mildura to the big cities of Australia.

We strive to keep our process simple, transparent, and customer focused. We avoid fluff, over-thinking and time-wasting – we spend our energy instead focused on creating the best possible website experience for our clients web customers.

Mildura Based

Creating digital experiences that leave lasting results.

We are based in Mildura and offer our services to Mildura and the wider Sunraysia region, all the way to Melbourne and Adelaide.

Some businesses choose digital agencies from the big cities and forget there are local web design agencies in Mildura who can do just as good of a website (sometimes a lot better).

And the best part about hiring us as your local web design and digital marketing agency, we can meet any time, and we care about presenting your business as best as we can.

We create digital experiences such as websites and marketing as it we were our own, being creative minded we always strive to deliver the best possible website to our customers.

Our Values


Both in our business and our work, relationships are the core of our business. We maintain a close working relationship with all our customers, your goals are our goals and we aim to kick them out of the park.


There’s no skipping around a question or inflating something to be bigger than it is, we stay true to ourselves and honest to our clients. Being honest if something isn’t right is the first step to fixing the problem.


We put every bit of our souls, knowledge, expertise, blood sweat and tears into our clients projects. Creating a working digital solution not only achieves the clients goals but gives us the drive to know we’re helping businesses succeed.


Both in the work place and with our clients, we respect everyone for who they are and what they believe in, we make sure we’re putting people first every time. A good working relationship makes all the difference.

We help clients in 3 unique ways

Local Mildura knowledge and expertise

When you meet with us you’re meeting with the people who build your website, not the sales people who want your money and outsource to the bigger cities or overseas to India/Phillipines.

We don’t try and do a ‘quick 4 week website’ built in India for higher profit margins, while 4 weeks is usually the standard, even within our own company, we don’t rush nor expect a website to be finished within a fixed period of time. We take the time to research a clear strategy, design and develop a product that will blow the client and their target audience away.

We also like to ensure your website is kept in good hands, updating and maintaining it to ensure your business is always performing the best it possibly can.

How Will Working With Build Digital Growth Transform My Business?


What our Customers are Saying


Quick turn-around and wicked design has left our business with a beautiful online store front, not to mention our leads have increased dramatically.

Web Design Testimonial from Daniel Macleod - UBS Mildura

Daniel Macleod

UBS Mildura

We were really happy with the outcome of our website that Daniel developed for us at Irymple South Primary School.
Web Design Testimonial from Ben Milsom - Irymple South Primary School

Ben Milsom

Irymple Primary School


We are delighted with the result, promptness and the attention given to our customer’s and the business’ online demands.

Web Design Testimonial from Ross Lake - Tasco Petroleum

Ross Lake

Tasco Petroleum

You're In Good Company

Hundreds of projects have been executed by Build Digital Growth’s certified and award-winning consultants, web designers, developers and social media experts.

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